This is kinda cheesey but I really love making these vision boards that I made at the holistic moms group! This vision board is a dedication my testimonial from the healing I have received and now I provide for others.

For those of you who don’t know over a year ago I was sent a video and I specifically remember NOT watching it. The vibe was all wrong for me in that moment. I was totally disinterested.

Fast forward to may 2016 I was given the video again and I don’t know what I was watching but it resonated so much that I KNEW I needed that energy in my life. I needed it like I needed oxygen. Now. So I found someone who practiced with the energy and had my chakras recalibrated two days later.

My life literally changed over night.

I became so connected and my messages were clear as day and any self doubt disappeared. My debilitating anxiety has yet to come back, my symptoms from Lyme slowly disappeared and my world would be forever changed as well as the lives I would begin to touch.

I can not express the gratitude and love I feel for the opportunity that I have been given. I have finally found my path and I guide others to find theirs. P

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