Living in the moment and living in the NOW.
If you worry about what might be, and wonder what might have been, you will ignore what is.

The fact is we can not change anything about our past and if we live our lives in our future our precious moments now will go unseen and unnoticed & both of these things will cause anxiety, worry or fear which are ALL dense, heavy & lower vibrations.

When we continue to think, pull up or compare our past, we feed that vibration which creates disallowance and disruption to any new vibration we are/were trying to create. Therefore we are as they say “taking one step forward and two steps back” and doing a great disservice to your being and all your hard work.

Let go of what has past, Allow what may be to be in our future and enjoy the moment that stand before you because you truly don’t know how long it will last. Generally those beautiful moments in life, the ones we want to hold onto FOREVER are just one second.

How to practice living in the now.

your thoughts are not necessarily a reality. You have choices…make the highest one with the greatest joy even if they both suck.

stop comparing. Just don’t do it…ever. It doesn’t matter if Sally has a 3 course meal on the table every night for her family and yours consists of pizza, chicken nuggets and hot dogs.

do they VERY best you can with what you’ve got.

look around. Pay attention. Be grateful for all that you have even if it’s one little tiny thing.

breathe and do it slowly. Breathing centers and grounds you as well as connecting yourself on a soul level.

find something to be happy about!!!!! Quit complaining!!!! It’s truly the worst vibration ever 😫find the good in everything… it takes practice but it’s there I promise. Even if you were up all night and your child was sick that is an opportunity to show that little human that they matter, that your love is completely unconditional that you choose them feeling loved and safe over a day or three of well rested eyes. They will remember those moments. Because they sometimes only last a second.

love yourself unconditionally. We all fuck things up. Don’t beat yourself up about it. Learn to be a better person because of it 💜

make sure your happiness a priority.

✌🏽💜🙏🏽😘with love and light Leah Landry

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