Are you experiencing a difficult time in this life, feeling hopeless, restless, depressed or even miserable?
Are you battling DIS-ease or illnesses?

These are all lower vibrational energies. I am here to assist you in your healing and transformation. I will help to raise your vibration, guide you to ascension and awaken your TRUTH.

Through the evolution of your light body and the integration of your higher selves, you will completely transform your life. Connecting you to the planetary grids, unlocking your dormant DNA strands and lifting you higher through shedding density and karma. Most importantly I will restructure your Chakras and give you a direct connection to Prime Creation.

This is the opportunity of your lifetime to raise your vibration and balance your mind, body and spirit in perfect harmony. This is your path to spiritual evolution and in raising your frequency and locking it in, it is not uncommon to experience spontaneous healing, expansion of consciousness and skills, as well as mass emotional release which allows a high rate of manifestation.

MARCONIC Energy is the Evolution of Energy Healing!

MARCONICS is a multidimensional Ascension energy healing modality, handed down by Spirit, for the evolution of Humanity – The Human Upgrade

Marconic Energy creates an opportunity for you to merge with higher aspects of self — essential for the Ascension as we evolve within & beyond the vibration of the 5th dimension. Marconics Energy brings healing to the subtle and multi-dimensional bodies, harmonizing ego and spirit, and balances the ascending physical, mental and emotional bodies.

  • Marconics raises your vibration above the Fear frequencies of the third dimension, so you can access the frequencies of Pleiadian Love in the higher realms and come into alignment with your Higher Self, at Source.

  • Marconics is achieving Ascension through the progressive integration of Higher Self energies, into the physical body. 

  • Anything you do emits a vibrational frequency, once you have received your own Marconic Recalibration, you will experience an acceleration of your life’s path. Your personal interactions, your work – and your play, will emit a higher vibrational frequency, drawing experiences and people to you that are in resonance.

  • Recipients of Marconics continue to download upgrades into their new operating systems with every new wave of Ascension energy that hits the planet from the newly completed infrared system of space.

Marconics enables you to:

  • Communicate with your DNA
  • Take Charge of your Personal Programs
  • Accelerate your Evolutionary Process
  • Discover your Life’s Purpose
  • Align with your Higher Mission
  • Awaken Intuition/ESP Psychic Gifts
  • Reclaim Hidden Talents & Skills
  • Release Negative Past-life Imprints

Marconic Energy is a Full-Spectrum, Multi-Dimensional Healing Modality made available after 2012.

At the end of 2012, we entered into a New Golden Age as the Earth passed through the Photon Belt & repositioned herself on the Galactic Plane. This exposed the planet to much more intense electromagnetic radiation from the Cosmos.

As we move forward in the Shift, our human bodies are being upgraded to cope with Higher Dimensional Light Frequencies. Marconic Energy carries the Ascension Frequency of 144,000. It holds the 13th code which is a DNA Activation bringing us into alignment with our Soul-Level Identities.

Performed in your morphogenetic field, Marconic Energy instantaneously connects the Axi-A-tonal lines (these are like Meridians of the Light/Energy Body) to the Universal Matrix as you are activated to expand your genetics in a re-evolution of the true Lightbody & to open your pathways from a Finite State to an Infinite Quantum State.

Your Etheric & Physical bodies are being re-tuned, re-structured & re-calibrated to survive & thrive in those higher dimensions.

What is the Marconic “No-Touch”?

The Pleiadians call it, ‘The Evolution of Energy Healing’, activating the Fifth -Dimensional body template. It is used as an on-going therapy assisting clients by: 

  • Raising vibrational frequency to release pre-programming designed for the phase-locked experience within 3D/lower 4D
  • Providing an opportunity for the client to shed karmic density from their chakra system and activate new chakras.
  • Creating spontaneous healing as directed by the client’s Higher Self lineage
  • Activating 12-strand DNA (enabling access to 144 fractal Dimensions) 
  • Facilitating connection and communication with client’s Higher Self Lineage
  • Incrementally, increasing vibration within the physical body with every Marconic ‘No-Touch’ Session

Marconic ‘No Touch’ Healing

This Evolution of Energy Healing can be performed as an on-going treatment. Your vibrational frequency is raised so high in the moment as Marconic Energy – encoded with Light information – is run through selected points on the body’s own Axi-A-Tonal  grid system, triggering profound spontaneous healing on all levels of the Multi-Dimensional bodies- may occur.

The goal of a ‘No-Touch’ session is to raise your frequency so high that you have an opportunity to connect to Higher Dimensional Aspects of Self

Post session, the client’s vibrational frequency will gradually settle into a higher resonance having achieved incremental lift in base vibration, according to the person’s Spiritual evolution.

Repeated sessions will raise the vibration incrementally to incorporate higher activations as you shed density and karmic imprints.

What is Marconic Quantum Recalibration? 

“A Marconic Quantum Recalibration is a Human Upgrade, it re-tools the three dimensional body to become multi-dimensional, able to experience, perceive life, and thrive in Higher Dimensions.” 

What is Different about this Energy?

“Marconics is a consciousness that evolves with us to provide the next level of integration and assimilation at whatever level we achieve. This full-spectrum energy has only been accessible since the planet passed through the photon belt and was repositioned on the Galactic Plane.”

Three-dimensional healing modalities (on the planet prior to 2012) are now ineffective on the new Fifth Dimensional Body Template.”

The Integrated Chakra Unification, “Chakra Uncapping”, at the beginning of the Marconic Quantum Recalibration, releases up to 51% of Karmic debris. It also:

a. Triggers the Octahedron Light Body
b. Activates up to 144 strands of DNA
c. Connects Axi-A, Axi-B and Axi-C Tonals
d. Heals the multidimensional holographic body
e. Enhances Spiritual and Psychic Connection, and Astral Travel (Pineal, Pituitary)
f. Brings multiple Higher Self identities down into Merger with the physical body
g. Creates peace and balance in the physical, emotional and mental bodies
h. Assimilates 12 Dimensions of experience.

Integrated Chakra Unification (ICU) and Marconic Quantum Recalibration

The subtle bodies that we have worked with as healers prior to 2012, have been contained in a self-sustaining energy system, fed by the 7 (major) chakras, which had been ‘nipped’ at the spine at the end of the last Ascension cycle trapping our experiences as we process them through this limited system. This congestion creates the karmic debris that holds us in density for the third dimensional experience.

The Integrated Chakra Unification (ICU) and Marconic Quantum Recalibration is a psychic surgery that creates a permanent upgrade in the human vehicle. This upgrade enables the recipient to liberate themselves from their own Karmic creations and return to the 30ft auric field and multidimensional chakra system used in the higher dimensions, which includes fully activated galactic chakras and higher functioning thymus, pineal and pituitary glands.

Higher vibrational frequency can only be sustained with the Marconic Recalibration, which permanently plugs us back into the Universal Matrix connecting us to resonating Star Systems in preparation for living in the Fifth and Higher Dimensions, according to one’s Spiritual evolution. 

This is a one-time, energetic procedure that permanently plugs you back into the Universal Matrix as the activation of your new Quantum Merkaba which powers your ability to travel, expands your awareness & enables you to create your new reality.

This connection will enable you to feed your new field indefinitely as you strengthen the Grids in the re-evolved Time Matrices which in turn feed your Merkaba, creating a positive healing spiral through the bandwidths of dimensional realities.

Once Recalibrated you become a Negative Ionic Generator. You never power down. You sustain your higher vibrational frequency & continue to go higher & higher. This enables you to continue to drop density as we move forward on the 5th dimension & beyond.

  • Experience Sovereign Integration
  • Activate the Multi-Dimensional Holographic Body, Spiritual DNA, Pineal Hyper-Dimensional Gateway & Lightbody Quantum Merkaba.
  • “Uncap” your Chakras for the New Galactic Chakra System
  • Connect back to Source at the Galactic Core

Following the Recalibration, the body undergoes a metamorphosis as de-activated codes within the DNA are triggered to re-awaken consciousness, characteristics, traits and attributes essential for survival in the higher dimensions.

The physical and subtle bodies are returned to their multi-dimensional state, having been liberated from the artificial and deliberate manipulations of the 7 chakra system and karma wheel.  The lightbody is upgraded to the Quantum Merkaba, essential for moving consciousness in the higher realms.