I tell my clients all the time that “feeling bad” is not a heart emotion it’s a head emotion. So many people say “well I went because I felt bad” or “I didn’t do it because I felt bad” STOP just STOP 🛑

I stopped this BS a while ago and it’s pretty liberating. Not always easy but it’s worth it.

We MUST stand in our our OWN truth, choose our OWN joy and make decisions based on OUR OWN HAPPINESS.

If you follow your greatest joy in life would you be happy? That means every decision. We all have choices. Sometimes they both suck…but chose the one that brings you the most joy and it will lead you to more happiness.

#happinessisNOTanoption #bebrave #liveoutloud#youareresponsibleforyou (and the safe and wellbeing of any little people you might have)#stopfeelingbad #followyourheart
#leahlandryrocks #spirituallyfitforlife #vibehigh#freefrom3D #1111

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