CONSCIOUSNESS: the state of being awake and aware of your surroundings.

Cost: Consciousness is FREE!!! Just takes your time and willingness to commit and expand your mind and knowledge.

Side effects: Ability and power to use and expand your senses and knowing. Increased connection to self and source within. Ability to align with truth and be in a space of alliance for all things to happen, become open and flow freely. Raising of vibration.

How: here is an easy list of ways to expand and increase your consciousness.

⭐️TRUTH…speak only of it, honor it.

⭐️be courageous…in ALL things that you do. Walk with your head held high and be BRAVE in every aspect of your life.

⭐️make choices…don’t let things just HAPPEN around you to you, take notice, take charge make choices and choose what brings YOU the highest joy in that given moment.

⭐️COMPASSION…act like you give a shit!!! Dare to CARE, remember the saying “treat others the way you want to be treated”??? Well start living by that.

⭐️THINK before you speak.

⭐️Be CLEAR…be very clear in conveying your desires (notice I did NOT say wants!!! There is a difference) when you speak with clarity you open up the doors for it to manifest.

⭐️PAY ATTENTION… look around you. Look UP, look DOWN, look at people when they speak, HEAR them, feel them, you are not the only one on this earth plane.

⭐️KNOWLEDGE… read a book instead of watching TV. Talk to someone, go learn something. Look at the sky and educate yourself…don’t be ignorant (THEY are chemtrails not pretty lines made by exhaust fumes!!!!) do some research on fluoride and vaccines, like really do it yourself and FEEL the information don’t just swallow what you are fed.

⭐️Make your own decisions… quit doing what everyone else is doing. YOU BE YOU and I WILL BE ME

⭐️GOALS… and intentions… set me and go get em.

⭐️RELEASE…LET GO of any and ALL shit that weighs you down.

There is more where this came from but this is your basic starter kit.

✌🏽💜🙏🏽yours truly Leah Landry
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