About Leah

My journey through this life has been nothing short of a roller coaster. A ride that was once controlled by the many faces and frequencies of fear and dis-ease is now controlled by ME in an ascended celebratory space at source. I had many moments of cowering in the fear of the unknown and yet I was fearful and stuck, feeling overwhelmed from my own visions of what I know now to be my own knowing and guidance to my truth. I knew each moment of experience was leading me to the next puzzle piece and I was trying to see the clear picture,  but I was still so lost. I did not know who I was or what the point of any of it was, I was allowing my life experiences to own me, covering my tearful eyes and at times literally screaming at the top of my lungs for help, because nothing seemed to make sense. I knew there had to be more to all of THIS, that there was a place greater than this paradigm of fear and I was determined to find it!

I started by spending most of my time self-educating on the alchemy of mind, body and soul connections, I started opening up and things started to make sense, but nothing REALLY resonated until the day I was led to MARCONICS. This is where my life truly and remarkably changed forever and I broke FREE and rose above it all.  I look back now and that painful past truly all makes sense now, but each moment I walk further away, it becomes more blurry. I am not only detached from the trauma of it all but truly I AM HEALED from those aspects of myself. I have allowed myself the space to rise above the frequencies of fear and gain a perspective on all my life and situations in which I was gifted and I have fearlessly reclaimed my true soul SELF,  I have rediscovered my deep KNOWING of my soul mission and ultimately embraced my own soul SOVEREIGNTY by learning to stand in my integrity at all times and at all costs. 

The moment I was introduced to the Marconic energy in 2016, I have commited and embodied my personal role in this Ascension as a Marconic Master Teacher, Advanced Practitioner and Ascension Coach.  Each and every moment I find myself learning something new about myself and the world around me. I find myself continually and relentlessly grateful and humbled by these experiences. I have learned how to release myself from the suffocating grips of deep embedded fear programming, how to recognize, process and truly let go of emotions and energies which once controlled me.  I AM honoured and dedicated to my mission to EMPOWER and assist YOU on your own spiritual journey to soul sovereignty.

I am not for everyone. For some, I may be too much and for others, I may never be enough. Either is ok because I trust in the divine plan of this multiverse as we work out our soul contracts on this planet. However in my higher knowing if we have crossed paths it is always for a higher purpose, path and reason.


I am the person who will come into your life like a sledgehammer or massive tornado tearing down your walls, shattering your programs to be a catalyst for great change.


I am an awakener, not an ego stroker. I will speak the hard truths and ask the hard questions. It will, in turn, make you think and you will answer your own questions so you can finally heal- if you choose to.


I am the person who sees you on all levels of consciousness. I see you in doorways and on the edge of cliffs and I will fearlessness be the one to lovingly push you. Which may be your biggest trigger for spiritual growth and healing.


I am the person who sees through the veils and calls out even the most uncomfortable truths. Teaching and helping you to recognize that we must be fully honest and transparent in our lives, first with ourselves and then with others. 


I am the person who believes in the magic of multiverses and sees the synchronicities and gets equally excited every single time.


I am the person who relates to you. I know how much this life hurts, the pain and anguish of completing life lessons. I will help you know that you are never alone and remember what you came here to do.


I am the person who recognizes and truly believes in living in each moment. As many lifetimes as we have incarnated there is always total wonder and amazement in aspects of this life.


I am the person who feels everything so intensely and deeply I sometimes do not have words to articulate but I will always do my absolute best to give you analogies to assist you in a better understanding.


I am the person who digs deep into the darkest of places in order to bring the light. Through deep connections and conversations about wild or off-topic things we allow ourselves to open up in ways we only dreamt or imagined. This facilitates great shifts in consciousness.


I am the person who will empower you to be only YOU. I will NOT convince you of anything you will discover it all for yourself. I will advocate and always cheer you on to be your brightest light and best self.


I am that person who will build you up so you are strong enough to stand in your own sovereignty.


I am the person who seeks deep understanding on all levels and perspectives and I will show how to practice unconditional loving detachment to allow yourself these levels for yourself.


I am the person who is not afraid of confrontation and I can handle any truth you have to offer. I will show you what it looks like to process things on new levels and not take things personally.


I am the person who sees the beauty in all the rubble, who chooses to see the good in every situation or human. This takes repetition and practice – you too can master this skill.


I am the person who will acknowledge all weakness and fear showing you that when it is exposed it loses its power over you.


I am the person who will unbind your wings from the confines of this reality and set you free from this matrix and karmic cycle.


I am that person who will show up so intensely passionate and devoted to my life mission that nothing can stand in my way. I will show you that when you commit to yourself and put in a full effort EVERYTHING in your life will change.


I am all that I AM and will forever stand in that power, integrity and passion and I will honour you as you stand in yours.


Written By: Léah Landry ✌🏽💜🙏🏽

May the Source be with you.