About Leah

After I went through the Marconics Recalibration process my life began to change drastically for the better. I no longer suffer from debilitating anxiety, Lyme’s disease or Hashimoto’s. My senses and my “inner knowing” have been heightened and I feel as though I am fully living in my truth. My belief is that every single person has the ability to heal all aspects of their being and step into complete alignment with their purpose. When you are aligned with your higher self you will be aligned in your mind, body, and spirit. You will begin to seek answers from within and use discernment when engaging with outside sources. You will strengthen the connection between your subconscious and conscious mind and will begin to have a massive transformation. I would love to facilitate these processes with you so that you can reclaim your sovereignty and live a life of vibrant well-being. By sharing my gifts with others I have been honored to witness the growth and ascension of hundreds of lives. I’d love to work with you too!